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Help provide food to those in need

Charity Navigator's Hunger Fund is an expertly curated list of highly rated, US-based nonprofits focused on feeding the hungry.

Simply enter the amount you wish to donate and we'll add it to your Giving Basket. Your tax-deductible contribution will be evenly distributed to 9 of the world's best food insecurity nonprofits (listed below) and Charity Navigator — this portion will help increase the depth and breadth of our ratings and resources, equipping donors with the data they need to make informed choices when supporting organizations addressing food insecurity issues.

Charity NameEINRating
Table To Table Inc 22-36461254 Stars
Midwest Food Bank, NFP 41-21201704 Stars
Island Harvest 11-31363504 Stars
Food in Need of Distribution Inc. 33-0006007100/100
Feeding America 36-36735994 Stars
Dare to Care Food Bank 23-73459524 Stars
Norwescap 22-1777156100/100
Second Harvest Food Bank of Orange County 32-03626114 Stars
Harvesters: The Community Food Network 43-12086654 Stars
Charity Navigator 13-41488244 Stars

How we selected these nonprofits

Our team of analysts searched for nonprofits focused on food insecurity, and selected rated-nonprofits with more comprehensive evaluations. All nonprofits had to have earned a Give With Confidence attribution (3 or more stars or Encompass scores of 75+) as well as two or more beacons.

Please note: The Fund may not be exhaustive of all nonprofits that meet our criteria.

Questions? Check out our Dedicated Fund Page.